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DNA Summer Residency 2018


Freight + Volume is pleased to present its seventh season of the DNA artist-in-residence program for Summer/Fall 2018. Forty artists were invited for residencies on the Cape this season, to create new work inspired by their environment or continued from their existing studio practice, either created at DNA or offsite. Past participants include: Peter Allen Hoffmann, Kristen Schiele, Black Lake (Susan Jennings + Slink Moss), Daniel Heidkamp, Erik den Breejen, David Baskin, Elizabeth Huey, Aaron Johnson, Rosa Almeida, Russell Tyler, Maria Calandra, Trudy Benson, Nicole Wittenberg, Jessica Wynne, Mi Ju, Ilse Murdock, James Franklin, Danica Phelps, Lance Rautzhan, Rebecca Goyette, Cesare de Credico, Shiva Burgos, Genevieve White, Dirk Skreber, George Jenne, Max Razdow, Laurina Paperina, Chris Bors, JJ Manford, Elisa Soliven, Marysia Schultz, Romer + Romer, Joshua Abelow, Leah Dixon, BROLAB (Ryan Roa, Adam Brent), Travis LeRoy Southworth, Gina Magid, Rachel Fick, Cristina de Miguel, Maggie Ogden, Samuel Jablon, Tina Hejtmanek, and Patrick Keesey. 


The DNA Summer Residency is by invitation only.


Mark Redden - April 16th - May 1st

Orinotawashi (Norio & Chifumi) - April 16th - May 1st

Melisa Keyes - May 15th - June 3rd

Miles Debas - June 3rd - June 10th

Elisa Soliven - June 11th - June 18th

JJ Manford - June 11th - June 18th

Jared Deery - June 4th - June 9th

Andy Cross - June 24th - June 30th

Robin Kang - June 24th - June 30th

Brian Whiteley - July 1st - July 7th

Eloy Arribas - July 1st - July 22nd

Bel Fullana - July 1st - July 22nd

Rose Briccetti - July 24th - August 11th

Nelson Castro - July 29th - August 4th

Joyce Yu-Jean Lee - July 29th - August 4th

Kelly Worman - August 1st - August 8th

Rhia Hurt - August 5th - August 11th

Will Hutnick - August 12th - August 18th

Ryan Steadman - August 12th - August 18th

Paul Brainard - August 12th - August 18th

Wendy White - August 19th - August 24th

Kyung Jeon - August 19th - August 25th

Suko Presseau - August 19th - August 25th

Benjamin King - August 26th - September 8th

Rob Nadeau - August 26th - September 8th

Nick Cueva - August 26th - September 1st

Rosalind Tallmadge - September 2nd - September 15th

Chambliss Giobbi - September 9th - September 22nd

Lance Rautzhan - September 16th - September 22nd

Wallace Whitney - September 23rd - September 29th

Natalie Collette Wood - September 30th - October 6th

Kyveli Zoi - September 29th - October 6th

Venia Bechraki - October 6th - October 14th

Maureen Cavanaugh - September 29th - October 7th

Elizabeth Burns - October 7th - October 14th

Lauren Luloff - October 7th - October 20th

Lilly Hern-Fondation - October 13th - October 20th

Rachel Fico - October 29th - November 3rd

Emilia Olsen - October 28th - November 10th

Tina Hejtmanek - October 28th - November 3rd

Paula Abreu Pita - November 4th - November 10th

Karen Heagle - November 4th - November 10th


2023 DNA Residency

Sarah Dineen

Lauren Luloff, Alex Nolan, Jared Deery

Brian Whiteley

Katerina Lanfranco

Rose Briccetti, Benjamin King

Rose Briccetti, Benjamin King, Slink Moss, Ryan Kish

Amber Mustafic, Elizabeth Insogna, Dylan Hurwitz, Jean Paul Mallozi, Liz Collins 

Amber Mustafic, Elizabeth Insogna, Craig Drennen, Rob Nadeau, Liz Collins

Craig Drennen, Becky Brown, Kelly Worman, Polly Shindler, Liz Collins

Kelly Worman, Polly Shindler, Sarah Bird, Liz Collins

Suzanne Scott, Liz Collins, Dani Arnica

Sasha Parks, Melanie Kozol, Jackie Reeves, Dani Arnica, Jason Rohlf

Will Watson, Chambliss Giobbi, Melanie Kozol, Jackie Reeves, Anthony Haden Guest

Will Watson, Whiting Tennis, Madison Haymes

Peter Schenck, Whiting Tennis, Luke Alex Atkinson, Robert Scott Whipkey 

Adam Brent, Joe Diggs, Luke Alex Atkinson, Nancy Elsamanoudi 

Adam Brent and James Fils-Aime

Madeleine Matsson, Jim Peters, Kathline Carr, Brandon Elijah Johnson, 

Jim Peters, Kathline Carr, Brandon Elijah Johnson, James Horner, Kirstin Lamb

Current as of 10/25/23

June 18 - June 25

June 25 - July 2

July 2 - July 9

July 9 - July 16

July 16 - July 23

July 23 - July 30


July 30 - Aug 6

Aug 6  - Aug 13


Aug 13 - Aug 20


Aug 20 - Aug 27


Aug 27 - Sept 3

Sep 3 - Sept 10


Sept 10 - Sept 17


Sept 17 - Sept 24

Sept 24 - Oct 1

Oct 1 - Oct 8

Oct 8 - Oct 15

Oct 15 - Oct 22

Oct 22 - Oct 29


IMG_0821, Julia Rooney, Oil on linen, 2 x 2 in, 2020

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