Black Lake's (Susan Jennings and Slink Moss) Exhibition - June 2013

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DNA Summer Artists' Residency Schedule 2013

May 23rd - June 16th       Danica Phelps
June 18th - 25th       Black Lake (Susan Jennings and Slink Moss)
June 25th - July 2nd      Lance Rautzhan
July 2nd - July 16th      Rebecca Goyette and Cesare DeCredico
July 16th - July 23rd      Elizabeth Huey
July 23rd - July 30th      David Baskin and Shiva Burgos
July 30th - Aug 13th       Erik den Breejen and Maria Calandra
Aug 13th - Aug 27th      Genevieve White and Dirk Skreber
Aug 27th - Sept 3rd       George Jenne
Sept 3rd - Sept 10th      Max Razdow
Sept 10th - Sept 17th       Aaron Johnson and Rachel Fick
Sept 17th - Oct 1st      Cristina De Miguel, and Laurina Paperina

DNA Summer Artists' Residency Exhibition 2013

Freight + Volume is pleased to present its second season of the DNA artist-in-residence program for Summer 2013. Eighteen artists were invited for one- and two-week residencies on the Cape this season, to create new work inspired by their environment or continued from their existing studio practice, either created at DNA or offsite. They are given an apartment in Provincetown nearby the 2,000 square foot studio. Last year's participants included: Peter Allen Hoffmann, Kristen Schiele, Black Lake (Susan Jennings + Slink Moss), Daniel Heidkamp, Erik den Breejen, David Baskin, Elizabeth Huey, Aaron Johnson, Rosa Almeida, Russell Tyler, Maria Calandra, Trudy Benson, Nicole Wittenberg, Jessica Wynne, Mi Ju, Ilse Murdock and James Franklin.

For further information about the DNA Summer Residency program, or to apply for Summer 2014 Residency, please contact